Hero Line Wars Purge

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Hero Line Wars PURGE
Made by Mumbis

The heroes of azeroth has been thrown into the cold weather of northrend to battle each other.

Map Description;
Pick one of the many heroes and send creeps to win.
- 7 tiers of creeps! (Not just 3 like in other versions)
- -agi, str, int max works
- Press left arrow key to zoom out.
- Custom spells, triggered spells, works.
- No known bugs so far, report to me if you find any!

HLW is NOT my idea, I just think i've made it more fun, so that it doesn't end after just 3 tiers of creeps. I added triggered spells for heroes, and custom things. And totaly 7 tiers of creeps to fight against!
aswell as 5 difficulties!
either; Easy, normal, hard, impossible or nightmare!

Have fun!
And please, rate it as a HLW map, not as if I were trying to create something new, cuz I am not.


Hero Line Wars Purge warcraft orc human rpg arena vs 3 beta mumbis

Hero Line Wars Purge (Map)

15:12, 11th Jun 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 7
Jun 1, 2009
well first off let me say i already want to rate this 1/5 and havent tested it yet... origanal ideas are so few and far between anymore....i guess ill test and give you a review.
Level 9
Jul 23, 2008
Not very Original idea, no.
But imo the only famous HLW out there is "Lition" and I do not like it, so I've tried doing my own.
Please rate after how well done it is and don't rate it bad because it's not my own idea.