Hero Line Wars HatoZILLA Style v2.511

Level 6
Aug 31, 2007
Hero Line Wars HatoZILLA Style
Version 2.511
Made by HatoZILLA

The point of the game is to send units from a tier to get more income, allowing the ability to send stronger units to reach a circle of power and decrease the enemies lives, while they will try to fend off your sent units with heroes, likewise, your team will do the same. The first team to reach 0 lives out of 100 loses. At level 120 heroes gain the teleport ability, this is used so that if the game seems never to end, to teleport over and kill the enemy's heroes, then send.

There are 5 difficulties.
insane-ultra hard
BULLSH**-extremely hard

44 heroes
1 secret
no rigged
Some custom skins
Heroes of all types, from horde to alliance, and from creeps to naga.

There are a great amount of skills, each with a different power of its own. Try every hero to see the skills!
There are a great amount of items, from armor increasing items to damage increasing, and from potions to tomes.
3 tiers, each with progressively stronger units. The final units are almost unstoppable, meant to end the game.
Each unit sent will increase income by a set amount. Income displayed on leader board by player name. Max income is 1,000,000 gold.
Map size:
Map size is that of a normal hero line wars map. Small, yet large enough for a fun game.

The only credits are to Rubberneck, the original hero line wars creator, Parrothead, who gave me the idea for more skills, and General_Frank for custom skins. Thanks!


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