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I wanted to create green version of my Bone Collector, but when i changed the textures to green it looked just lame. So i worked a little bit and here is the result. The Herald of Twilight. I think that there are many models of evil orc warlocks and magicians on HiveWorskhop, it gives me idea of making some video where shadow council is restored again and all orcs and villains are there, well what ever, jsut an idea. Enjoy it and give credits.

-Your SvH

Orc, Twilight, hammer, torch, fire, shadow council, draenor, outland, fel, warlock, necromancer

HeraldOfTwilight (Model)

18:24, 15th Aug 2011 DonDustin: looks good. Great improvement to your bone collector :)




18:24, 15th Aug 2011
DonDustin: looks good. Great improvement to your bone collector :)
Level 2
Dec 29, 2014
Well-Bloody-Done mate. I like it; very much so. However there is one small; teeny-weeny insignificant matter. I don't like that sceptre he holds in his right hand. The staff is fine; perfect even. The Sceptre puts me off. However; it looks brilliant as it is.

:goblin_yeah: :ogre_datass: :ogre_hurrhurr: