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Help Requested by a good Mapper.

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Level 2
Mar 17, 2011
Requesting mapping help to work with me on my project..

Already did the terraining, nothing special but nice enough.
the MAIN problem for me is to put everthing triggered.
my trigger experience is minimum.

I CAN HOST to preview the map for the person who will be helping me...

[Map Description]

- 3 versus 3 map,
- best of 5 rounds
- dwarven rifleman as units (with 100hp)
- no auto-attack
- Quick Shot (25 damage each shot) <<- still need to change unit health & damage of Quick Shot ->>
- Web: stucks enemy for a few seconds
- Energy Shield (like an divine shield)

you can NOT cross over the river to the other side on your enemy's territory.
based on that the map is made to play as a team, carefull playing, making sure that you are not the first dying in the river..

Changes needed:

Scoreboard (kills per units & offcourse the total kills per team ) like the dota game scoreboard...
GUI: Interface of the panel changed to something nice.
Map Logo for when in custom gamelist & game lobby
Loading Screen that fits the map & gamestyle.
Map Secure, prevent from re-editing, exept person that helps me offcourse and me..

INGAME: Mankind
SKYPE: Glenneke1010
MSN: [email protected]
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