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Help on a Thunderclap-based ability for a Gryphon's Wing Clap

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Level 1
Jan 11, 2008
Basically, I'd like this Gryphon hero to have a thunderclap skill that has a different look. So far I've managed to have the desired effects with the help of GUI/Jass but I wanted to know if there is a simpler way of doing that by just modifying the ability data.

First: The Griffon flies, but I want the "wind wave" effect to be spawned from ground height, not from his chest height.

Second: I don't want a ground depression effect. Is it possible to remove it from a thunderclap based effect? (If it isn't, it's ok, I'll just stick to the ground-depressing wing strength.)

Third: So far I've implemented a small "300% faster animation" effect to make it a rapid wing flapping as a chanelling animation through GUI. That I know is only possible through GUI/Jass. However, with respect to other future spells, I've noticed the Gryphon has a nice "Standing - 2" stance in which he raises the hammer and it shocks with electricity. Is it possible to use that standing animation to be played for a spell chanelling?

Thank you in advance for your help.

PS: Tried to figure out how to transpose the GUI trigger, but couldn't. I'd appreciate a hint, asking forgiveness in advance in case it's obvious.

By the way, I made a Storm Bolt based ability, using the "attack" animation of the unit, but it's looking weird because the hammer is thrown with the Gryphon rider standing and only after it is thrown the attack animation begins to play. How to fix this?
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