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[General] Help me with my kodo tag's AI

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Level 1
Jun 13, 2008
Introduction: I'm working on a project that is about running around from kodos, gathering resources and building structures in order to create mazes so they walk, buying time for you to construct towers to kill them or to improve.

My trigger explanation: I have a problem with the ai: I create a temp_group every 0.10 seconds and check if there is one kodo without the "ordered" buff that lasts five seconds, then I create a temp_group2 for the orcs to see if there is one, if the conditions are met, then I set a temp_unit and a temp_unit2 from these groups respectively, finally I order the kodo (temp_unit) to attack the orc unit (temp_unit2), finally i create a dummy unit with 0.1 seconds of expiration time in a temp_point set in the kodo position add the ability to buff the kodo so he does not get ordered for a few seconds. Finally i clean the variables with the commands, for example call (udg_RemoveLocation).

Thoughts: My system doesn't work very well, kodos act very stupidly, they should destroy the structures if your peon is completely blocked and unreachable. Sometimes they just attack the buildings even with path, sometimes the don't move, I would like to make the buff last longer so I don't make them change objectives so frequent, I would love to make them prioritize orcs that are close and not randomly.

Please help me design or polish my kodo tag's ai so I can improve my map.
Level 5
Apr 13, 2008
Please add in the code/your map/some screenshots so we can view it. But judging from what you wrote, 0.1 seconds expiration time might not be enough for the unit to cast the buff, try 1 second.

You can also try constantly order the kodos to attack the units like every 5-7 seconds or so, not attack-move to point. If you order them to attack, they would head straight to attack the player unless its blocked. If its blocked they will destroy.
Buildings can have a 1 damage 80 range attack to aggro the kodos to attacking them if they are near

Defeat The Kodos 7.71c

you can check out my map its unprotected and it might help you but the AI works differently from standard kodo tags as they destroy buildings and dont necessarily follow mazes cause i find that quite stupid and cheesy.

Kodo Tag - Reloaded 4.1 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com

this map is also unprotected and you can reference this but take note that waits shouldnt be used as they are inaccurate and the code in here is not ideal and efficient.
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