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Hello, Hive members

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Level 6
Feb 6, 2008
You should tell us a little about yourself, like your warcraft 3 modding speciality, why you joined the site etc.

Hello, people of the Hive Workshop community!
<.< that sounded waaaay too formal... XD

i've never been good at introductions, but here goes!

I have WC3 Frozen Throne
I started trying out World Editor early January 2008
My favorite already-built-in units are:
- Infernal ( :infl_thumbs_up: <-- wow, this gave me a good laugh)
- Firelord
- Mud/Rock/Granite Golem
- Tauren, Tauren Chieftain, Spiritwalker
- Sludge Minion/Flinger/Monstrosity
- Pandaren Brewmaster and the other three Pandarens
- Troll Beserkers
- Dark Ranger
- Sentry
I joined this site because apparently, it is one of, if not the most famous WC3 site for models, skins, icons, spells, etc.
I know i've got a lot to learn


Here's some miscellaneous information about what I like to play in WC3:

  • I love playing DotA AllStars, even though i still suck at it
  • In DotA AllStars, my best character is Razor, Lightning Revenant
  • Speaking of DotA AllStars, I love playing Pudge Wars
  • i love Tower Defense maps, especially BK's Gem TD and Element TD
  • I like playing tag games that aren't rigged
  • I would love to RP, but i've only tried it once before, and I get ignored a lot.
  • I like to play other things like Enfos (sp.?), TCX, well made RPGs, BattleTanks, Uther Party, Mad Balls Arena, Card Shuffle Customized

My strengths in terms of map-making:

  • In regards to actually making the map, i have no skills whatsoever. ^^;
  • I am not too good at understanding tutorials unless they tell me down to the very basics, due to the fact that i just started experimenting with World Editor early January this year.
  • I am a nearly constant source of creativity though, and i hope that will partially make up for my lack of skills.


Here are things i am hoping for here at The Hive Workshop:

  • I'm hoping people will be willing to help me out before i have much of a map to show, because my personal goal is to one day be a DotA map maker known for making pretty good maps.
  • I'm hoping people will teach me how to protect maps. I am worried about uploading my maps because people may try to steal ideas and stuff.
  • I'm also hoping that people will teach me some things, like how to credit properly, what JASS stands for and what it is, etc.


Well, i hope people actually read this! Any comments or anything of the sort?
Level 32
Oct 23, 2006
Welcome to The Hive Workshop!

Greetings Ochibi. Outstanding intro: clear detailed and friendly. If all your posts are this good, you'll do just fine.
I'm hoping people will teach me how to protect maps. I am worried about uploading my maps because people may try to steal ideas and stuff.
Jass NewGen Pack v4c (at another site) is very handy.

how to credit properly, what JASS stands for
Credits are easy: display them on your map's loading screen or in an in-game quest. Jass? For me, it stands for Just absolutely something stumping (*blerg*) Tutorials are our friends.

The Hive includes many talented Warcraft III modders of all skill levels among its users. New members (especially friendly ones) are always welcome. Take a look around and enjoy your stay, may it be long and productive!

Some good places to start include:Searching the site using the above link always helps, you can learn a lot that way: just reading and learning is usually the best place to start, especially if one feels overwhelmed.

Likewise, the tutorials can really teach ALL of us a thing or two.

The chat room is cool: lots of people can answer questions there.
  • A few other tips that might help too:
    • Always search first! Did I already mention THAT? :grin:
    • When creating a new thread, make the title VERY specific: so the site's search engine (and we users) can easily understand just what the thread contains.
    • Post your new threads in the proper forum: read the descriptions of each one so that you know what to post there.
    • If all else fails, just send me a private message! I'll try to do whatever I can to help.



Level 18
Sep 26, 2004
No one is going to teach you anything. You'll have to try and understand things by yourself, and if you have questions then ask us and we'll HELP. But this is no kindergarten or school, no one teaches you just like that. I mean if you ever make a thread (like I see tons of, especially at the modeling section) like "Hai boiz, haw do I make mapz?" and ask nothing but that, everyone's going to bust your balls.
Welcome dude.
Level 20
Apr 22, 2007
I'm hoping people will teach me how to protect maps. I am worried about uploading my maps because people may try to steal ideas and stuff.
Actually, map protection isn't included with JassNewGenPack. For map protection, you'd best go with Vexorian's Map Optimizer.

how to credit properly, what JASS stands for
As far as I know, JASS isn't even written that way. As per blizzard.j, it's called Jass2 (there's no acronym noted, and the letters are not capitalized).

Other than that, hi! Welcome to Ralle's wonderful Hive!
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
I would love to RP, but i've only tried it once before, and I get ignored a lot.

Maybe you aren't get ignored a lot, maybe you are just a newbie still in it :)
If you are on Northrend (me and) my friends will glad to help ya.

And hi.
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