Hello Hive Workshop!

Level 2
May 9, 2015
Hi guys! I have played Warcraft 3 like my whole life but it has only been a few years since I noticed the World Editor... And I wanted to learn more about it, I ended up in The Hive Workshop! I am soo happy that so many people still love this wonderful game, and I love this site! I am a map designer myself but not a Legendary one. I can be really good sometimes when it comes to ideas and at grammar, I have B in English. :)

(Imformation about myself)
I live in Sweden, lol, what more can I tell? I have no people to play Warcraft 3 with because they think it is too old and not funny anymore.. but here I can get a lot of new friends! This was just a short Introduction of myself, if you wanna learn to know me more just send a message here at Hive Workshop, I love to talk and meet new people :)
(PS) As you see in my User Name... My favorite character of all time is Sylvanas!
Well thank you for reading this! :D