Heirodi Forest

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The Heirodi Forest have always been a place for creeps to prove who's the strongest. Now you and your enemy tries to put and end on it.. And eachother

This is my second map created in Wc3 World Editor.
A quick 3 hour job just for fun.

Its basically a Ashenvale Forest. Alot of creeps though even if i had less creep requests.
-No gold mines to expand
-Not so much build space
-The trees will eventually go out
So you have to handle quick to win

Good luck and have fun.

Update: Gold mines now have 25000 gold instead of 50000 gold

Melee, Ashenvale, Forest, Fight, Melee map, Simple

Heirodi Forest (Map)

01:30, 2nd Sep 2008 Septimus: Lot's of error, don't just waste 2-3 hours to create 1 map. Some melee map took at least 10-20 hours to be design to a godly status. If you just want to waste a few hour such as 1-2 hour to design such a map, it would...




01:30, 2nd Sep 2008
Septimus: Lot's of error, don't just waste 2-3 hours to create 1 map. Some melee map took at least 10-20 hours to be design to a godly status.

If you just want to waste a few hour such as 1-2 hour to design such a map, it would be just a waste of your time and I suggest you to stop mapping if you want to do it that way.

Creating map require dedication, determination, patience and effort. Lack of this and you would never improve your map status to better stage.

I hope I won't see another map such as Boring Battle.


I forgot to said, please improve the storyline of the map as well. Melee map not only depends on how good a terrain is, but resources distribution, item drop and storyline as well.
Played it with a friend, first round, we hated that it was so many creeps.
Next round we starting to get along with the creeps. (More prepared)
Final round we loved that it was so many creeps! Fun to exp your hero! ^^

You are not an awesome terrainer, sorry..
Work on it, experiment a little, play with the terrain-tools and you get better eventually!

People need to make more melee maps, I would for example love a big forest in Ashenvale with 12 players, or an epic 12 player melee map with a huge beautiful city in middle with forest on rest of map.

Doodads is extremely important!

Anyways, good luck with the terraining!
Level 3
Jan 4, 2008
Thanks for the tips and im glad you enjoyed the map redbean.. And your right it should be more melee maps. And yes i will get better with time i know im not that good right now. If you liked it redbean you could always test my other map. PS more melee maps coming up soon
Level 30
May 3, 2008
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However, if you still insist of another review after it had been review for second time. Feel free to contact other admin.

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Map Review
1) Terrain - Bad (2)
2) Trigger -
3) Minor Error - Horrible (1)
4) Major Error - Horrible (1)
5) Replay Value - Bad (2)
6) Fun factor/gameplay - Bad (2)
7) Use of imported material -
8) Single player -
9) AI support -
10) Camera -
11) Originality -
12) File Size - Excellent (5)
13) Internet/LAN Friendly -
14) Balancing -
15) Packaging - Average (3)
16) Credits -
17) Storyline - Bad (2)
18) Theme -
19) Protection - Excellent (5)
20) Quality - Bad (2)
21) Description/Information/Detail - Average (3)
22) Hiveworkshop rules & regulation - Excellent (5)
23) Game Mode -
24) Function -
25) Unit Placement - Horrible (1)

Total Accumulation Point : 34/65 * 100 + (-12) (Review) = 40.30

[+] -
[!] -
[-] - Tavern should never been guarded by creep.
[-] - Contain custom unit created by user, this should not exist at melee map.
[-] - Amount of creep at certain area is too many.
[-] - Lack of forest terrain/enviroment feeling since it lack of certain destructible/doodad around the mid of the road such as bush, weed or flower.
[-] - Typo error, it should be written "Poison" and not "Poisioned"
[-] - Destructible block, creep and AI computer could be effected.

Review : First of all, it is very idiotic idea to have some useless fountain such as poison fountain of health. The fountain serve no purpose and the name already have some contradiction. How the hell can a fountain heal and damage a unit at same time considering the name of it ? Poisioned Fountain of Health, see the contradiction between it ? It also have typo error.

Second, it is very bad idea to put creep guarding those tavern. Tavern should never been guard by creep, if you paid attention to all those map created by blizzard. You would notice none of the tavern been guard by creep.

Third, amount of creep at certain point is too many considering there is no shop to be guard at all. It could be seen clearly at the middle of the map.

Finally, the AI computer and the creep could be effected. If a player use long range attacker unit such as Mortar Team, it could kill those creep without losing a single hp.

Nevertheless, this map should be consider lacking.

Another -12 points for this map.

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Unacceptable : 11-30
Lacking : 31-49
Useful : 50-69
Recommend : 70-90
Highly Recommend : 91-100
Director Cut : 101-105
Sub-Zero : 106+
Rating & Miscellaneous information
Score - 40/100
Rating - 2/5
Condition - Bad
Status - Approve
Review - 1
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