Having trouble editing War3 campaign maps.

Level 2
Mar 19, 2015
I have extracted blizzard’s campaign maps (RoC and TFT) from the MPQ files and saved them in the “custom maps” folder where maps like Dota are stored.
I have opened the first few campaign maps and made them use the latest balance patch changes by changing the Game Data Set to Melee (latest patch) under Map Options.

When i tested it through the editor by using the Test Map button everything was working fine, all the latest balance changes were fully implemented.
I saved the map changes, exited the editor, started warcraft 3 and selected the custom map i wanted to play.

However upon loading in i noticed that everything was actually the same as in the standard campaign, without any of the balance changes!

I double checked the map in the editor and it was still set to “Melee Latest Patch”, and when i use the Test Map button it properly works with all the new balance changes.

For some reason the game is forcing old campaign balance settings even though the map i edited is under custom maps (completely unrelated from the Campaign menu section of the UI).

Does anyone know why is this happening?
Is there any way to force the campaign maps i have extracted and placed in custom maps to actually load and play with the latest balance changes?