I just had little time recently, so i decided to make a rather simple model: the Haradrim Watchtower. It should be used in the same manner as the OrcBurrow: no attack unless at least one unit is inside it. Just enhance the OrcBurrow's spell with a few triggers that allow only Haradrim Archers to enter the watchtower and once they're ''inside'', they are attached to the building model. One could also put 2 Haradrim Archers on the big (lower) platform of the watchtower and a Haradrim Banner Carrier to the top of it. The attachment points Foot Right Ref, Foot Left Ref, Hand Right Ref and Hand Left Ref are on the lower platform for attaching Haradrim Archers onto this points on the building. The attachment point OverHead Ref is for the top-platform, which would rather fit as a place for a Banner Carrier.
The model is rather simple, but still not easily made ingames as it's composed of a few custom things.
Additionally, it can also serve as a Persian, Tuareg, Arabian or Saracenian Watchtower. Feel free to use it in any way you want! Have fun with it!

EDIT 1: just applied the "new optimization method" at all Haradrim models i made. Filesize has been reduced and quality slightly more increased. :wink:

Haradrim building, Saracenian, Saracenian tent, Human tent, building, LOTR, Lord of the Rings

HaradrimWatchTower (Model)

18:33, 6th Mar 2013 Kwaliti: Neat and great. Approved.




18:33, 6th Mar 2013
Kwaliti: Neat and great. Approved.
thx a lot, old friend! :ogre_hurrhurr:

Simple but useful for LOTR mappers, low file size and has all appropriate animations. 4/5 nice work!
ty :ogre_hurrhurr: low filesize is the essential key for quality LOTR maps, where it might be necessary to import dozens of custom models for making it special. :wink:
This is pretty cool, file size is great. It's on the higher end of a 3/5, but not quite enough for a 4/5.
yeah, i wanted to make a model with a low filesize, as the other Haradrim models have a bigger one, and the Mumakil won't be far behind a great one.

Simple but cool!!!
Thx a lot, old friend. :ogre_haosis: