Halo Models

I am currently working on a small scale ODST - halo mini-campaign which based on its success might spur me on to make a full campaign.

I stumbled upon a small problem however that the vast majority of halo models are no longer accessible on this site or any other. Thus I am here asking if any of you have the models I am currently seeking and if you would be kind enough to supply me with it/them.

UNSC model wise I am pretty much fine but could use maybe an officer model and a few vehicles such as the scorpion etc. (I already have the warthog, ODST, Spartan and accompanying weapons).

Covenant - ah yes these pesky little no-good-doers are once again doing no good in that I can find very little models for them, in particular the elite, hunter, brute and grunt (the one I have currently is all right but I know there is probably a better one).
I only need one of their weapons - the plasma rifle
I have squat-diddly of their vehicles

Just to recap on the models I do have:
all weapons
several doodads

Covenant:grunt (but a better one would be good different coloured/TC)
elite (I found two elite models but like the grunt there are probably better ones)
plasma grenade
most weapons apart from plasma rifle

P.S. the grunt model on this site is the grunt in question
P.P.S. Yes I will upload the mini-campaign once its finished here
P.P.P.S. There will be rep given
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