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Halo: Epic Battlefield 1.0

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
ASMODAY Presents

Halo Epic Battlefield
Created by ASMODAY
I'm alos Malsonde

Map Info:

Halo wars Epic Battlefield was a game i decided to make to show the beginning to almost the end of the Halo series. You play on the Covenant, Flood, or United Nations Space Command side in an epic battle to try and survive the total annihilation of the galaxy. This isn't the exact replica as i have added other things to it to give it a funner feel and to make it a little more WC3ish.


Good Dialog Menu System -menu or UP Arrow Key
2 Sides- Covenant or UNSC
3 Races- Covenant, UNSC, or Flood
4 Game Play Choices- Builder, Hero, School, and Flood
Builder: Builds as though Halo Wars but you can build anywhere you want/to counter that the supply pads and where houses are very large.
Hero: Play as a spartan or even an elite and charge head first into battle.
School: New thing i added for fun, You go to school as a little kid and choose what you want to be in life with 5 different heros that are nowhere near as good as a spartan or elite but their fun to play as.
  • Fire Fighter
  • Warrior
  • Sniper
  • Marine
  • Engineer

Some more stuff about the map:

Its not ment to follow the story line of anything nor is it ment to be a perfect example of Halo. Their are things that are not halo oriented but it makes the game much funner if you just wanted to have fun.


Image Description:
Lava Crater on one of the planets.


Image Description:
Reach Before It Falls


Image Description:
Special Ice Planet. Ice is bursting through the ground.


Image Description:
Great Waterfall Planet Unfortunately Where Most of The Ground Battles Happen To Be.


  • Better Terrain
  • More Units
  • Abilities
  • Shops
  • Recipes
  • 9 Defending Towers Per Base
  • Elite Towers
  • Scarab
  • Flamethrowers
  • Flood
  • Heroes
  • Resource Income Rate
  • Monuments
  • Added a Tower Defense Mini Game


Wraith(Onslaught) is by Callahan
Banshee(PiriateFrigate) is by jk2pach
Vulture(BuilderShuttle) is by jk2pach
Vampire(HravyFrigate) is by jk2pach
Grunt(YellowGrunt) is by Sephiex
Warthog(Warthog) is by Forgotten_Warlord
Spartan(Halo Master Chief) is by Kimberly
Scorpion Tank(SupCom Stlye Tank) is by Mr. Bob
Grizzly Tank(M3 A1 'Kodiak' Super Tank) is by General Frank
Wolverine(Hellhound) is by Mechanical Man
Elite(Halo Elite) is by GhostThruster
Hornet(Mini_Gyrocopter) is by anarchianbedlam
Vulture(HeavyCruiser) is by jk2pach
Vampire(Alien Spaceship) is by M0rbid [Amigurumi]

And the rest is by other great users from Hiveworkshop!
Thanks to them and their great modles!

Author's notes:

Made entirely for fun so don't complain if you die on your first try. This game is a learning process for me as will it be for you. The easiest thing to do i play as a builder and mass large amounts of units/Hardest is to play as the flood. This is a game based off halo by bungi and is recommended for 99% of the world. Good Luck and Have Fun. PLS Rate

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Halo, Empire, Tanks, Soldiers, Covenant, Flood, Aliens, Troopers, Stalker, Creation, Creator, Warthog, Scorpion Tank, Scarab, Epic, Awesome, Amazing

Halo: Epic Battlefield 1.0 (Map)

Date: 17:42:23 20-Nov-11 Map Moderator: -Kobas- Map Status: Rejected 1/5 Contact map moderator: Visitor Message / Private Message! Rejection Reasons: Map has low quality terrain! Map triggers are bad (Broken, leaks, not optimized)! No work in...




Date: 17:42:23 20-Nov-11
Map Moderator: -Kobas-
Map Status: Rejected 1/5
Contact map moderator: Visitor Message / Private Message!

Rejection Reasons:
Map has low quality terrain!
Map triggers are bad (Broken, leaks, not optimized)!
No work in progress, please use Map Development Section for unfinished maps!
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Comment: Poor quality.
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
c'mon man! those white blanks of flour won't make your screen shots look professional, so I fix them, just right click them below and take it


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Level 2
Oct 10, 2010
I'm sorry GhostThruster but there really isn't that many halo models and i used every single one i could find. I had to make due with things that resembled other things so at least i show i tried to get all i could.