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(GUI) Venom Mark

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Level 10
Nov 24, 2010
Hello everyone,

I'd like to request debuff spell.
Boss places mark on player adding it debuff. Every X seconds it will pick every hero around marked unit, dealing it Y x Number of picked units damage.
So this means, marked unit doesn't get damaged, but every friendly unit around marked unit gets damage. Damage depends on amount of nearby units => more units around marked unit = more damage.

+rep and credits for creating it.
I need it
- laggless and leakless
- easily configure AoE, DMG, Period and duration

I don't need it
-MUI - only one unit on map have this spell and cooldown is longer than duration
-I don't need level support

Thanks in advance, Palooo3
Level 11
May 13, 2010
Give me a sec! What about special effects?

EDIT: Done, The first time you cast it doesn't damages anything, not sure why, though.. you maybe will need to preload the spell, by casting it anywhere on map init far away from player's reach :eekani:

Keep in mind that this is NOT MUI

Oh, and i used this model by sPy, so if you use it too, be sure to credit him aswell.

You will need:
-Dummy unit (skip this if you alredy got one)
-Custom model (you can export it from my testmap, credit sPy!)
-Venom Mark ability
-Venom Mark buff
-Both Venom Mark Trigger and Venom Mark Loop triggers

There you go mate! --> Venom Mark Testmap
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