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The Groruk are a pseudo-natural race, spawned and bred by the malefic Dark Elves (name pending). They, however, escaped from the shadowy keep of Kerrzargorth, and have spread all over the world ever since.
Model and texture made by me.
Enjoy and give credit if you use this model.

EDIT: Hey, Dio here! If you enjoy my work, a tip would be most welcome! Even a little helps a lot!

EDIT: Made the material two-sided, hope it works fine now.

bandit, groruk, sword, warrior,

GrorukBandit (Model)

GrorukBandit (Model)

[APPROVED] January 19th, 2008 Works ingame nicely, the custom texture is pretty good. 4/5 --donut3.5--
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January 19th, 2008
Works ingame nicely, the custom texture is pretty good.
Level 32
Jul 23, 2005
the animations are a little... bouncy. durring the Attack anims his chest bounces out about two feet, and during the stand two animation, hes neck streches way out. Also, half his face can't bee seen, inside out, probably due to mirroring, need to change the material to "two sided".

Aside form that its a good model. I like the skin and good use of esiting meshes.
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