Gronn (Burning Crusade) [COLOR VARIATIONS]

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Gronn, brutish giants and descendants of the extinct Magnaron that are native to Draenor.

CHANGE THE PATH OF COLOR TEXTURES to "Gronn_Skin01.blp" & "Gronn_Skin02.blp" to have the desired color.
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Gronn (Burning Crusade) [COLOR VARIATIONS] (Model)

GronnSkin_Bottom_Charcoal.blp (Texture)

GronnSkin_Bottom_Red.blp (Texture)

GronnSkin_Bottom_Yellow.blp (Texture)

GronnSkin_Top_Charcoal.blp (Texture)

GronnSkin_Top_Red.blp (Texture)

GronnSkin_Top_yellow.blp (Texture)