Grimtotem Chieftain

In order to fulfil a request by Homor posted Here

I decided to create a Grimtotem Tribe Tauren Chieftain. For my inspiration I used Orno Grimtotem an NPC from WoW. The skin is 100% freehand except from the skulls that dangle from his horns and the inside of his mouth as I saw no reason to re-draw these.

There are two versions, one with warpaint and one without a separate model has been included if you wish to use this with the original Tauren Chieftain in your map. To use the separate model simply import "GrimtotemChieftain" and "GrimtotemChieftain_portrait" as well as the skins, the texture path is "GrimtotemChieftain.blp".

Remember to give credits. Permission is not needed for minor edits or use but if its something major please ask and please ask if you're going to upload something that uses this texture.

Grimtotem Chieftain (Texture)

Grimtotem Chieftain (Model)

Grimtotem Chieftain Portrait (Model)

Grimtotem Chieftain Warpaint (Texture)

Approved. It's a bit dark, though. Perhaps some more highlights? :)
Level 26
May 25, 2017
The skin is not that bad, it's pretty accurate for Grimtotem tribe appearance if you feel like you need to get as close as you can.

My issue is the skin could need some lighting above to get some clarity, especially if you use the non-warpaint version. According to the wowpedia itself, Grimtotem tribe could use any weapon they see and their warpaint could have been any color. The Tauren could have a different kind of Axe and not simply of an existing axe of the Tauren Chieftain model.

I will hold on for rating as this skin still in need for adjusting.
Level 2
May 28, 2023
If you want to create a custom Grimtotem Chieftain or even a whole custom faction of them, this is what I would download.

Could it be higher quality? Sure, but this is WC3, original skin.
Is it just a reskin? Well kinda yeah
Do I like it? Yes.

Any technical criticism is not within my knowledge hehe