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Green Season

Green Season

Map Info
This melee map is part of my Operation Revive Melee Map on wcunderground, the goal is to make eye pleasing terrain for melee maps, while keeping the melee map gameplay. This is my newest melee map.

This one used new tileset

Map size: 128x128
Playable area: 116x116

Map Description:

Spring is coming after the cold breeze of winter.This forest witnessed a lot of long and strategic battle. Use the hills as a advantage and control the gold mine on the middle to get the upperhand. But beware on zepplins flying around the area.


  • 8 Goldmines
  • 2 Red Creeps
  • 10 Orange Creeps
  • 8 Green Creeps
  • 4 Goblin Merchant
  • 2 Golbin Laboratory
  • 1 Tavern







Nan0(Not sure about this)
Author's notes

[*]I see some discussions here on hive that melee maps should have no imported files etc etc. As a melee map maker and a player, importing files and changing things on object editor isn't really a problem as long as it maintain the melee map gameplay.

[*]I'll upload more of my melee maps from underground when I feel to upload it here.

[*]Hope you like this one.

Add and change units item drops
Added some doodads on some empty spaces
Change the name

UPDATE 5/14/12 (GMT +8:00)

[*]Added more doodads
[*]Change some item drops

UPDATE same date

[*]Change some item drops
[*]Fix some pathings

Melee, Lordaeron, SonofJay, Lordaeron Forest, Forest, Map, Spring, Field

Green Season (Map)

Vengeancekael - Date: 2012/May/16 19:44:33 Reasons: Other: Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section Check out the World Editor Help Zone (Trigger issues, object editor, overall...
Level 15
Apr 5, 2009
Full Review Emerges

Fantastic work on this new map, good to see your not limiting yourself with 1v1 maps. Excellent synchronization of the tiles, looks so cool. Both old and new tiling feels fresh, the doodads feels exactly where they are.

Some few notes though:
*Goblin Lab creeps, the Gnoll Overseer, right? It has item set but has specified as 'None'. Fix that please.
*TIP: Try artifact drops for big units such as the Granite Golem, set them to 'Any Class - Artifact', this way you'll give way for better variation of items, since all artifacts are classified as level 7 and level 8.

I was going to give this a 4/5 but I could really see the efforts for yourself and SIRtech.
So 5/5.
Level 6
Jan 15, 2010
The map itself is very nicely made with out any flat terrains. I actually liked the design more then most of the blizzard frozen throne maps!

Now here are the problems I only saw and didnt like:
Some how I see cubes in the ground, its like I am in minecraft or some old roguelike 2D game(dont know if you have played those). I thought at first that this was problem with my graphic card Nvidia 5200 or the texture quality option which is on medium. I changed the Texture Quality to high and the same result - very bad and low quality terrain compared to blizzard one. Kind of a bad try to make realistic textures in my opinion for toony game, but whatever!

In this pic, you will see an item which I pointed on. This item clearly says "Preventing invisibility until dispelled"! I have even checked by my self in the world editor to make sure that this is applied only for units and it have short duration on heroes or something. You should clearly remove this item from the game if you are intending it to be wc3 1v1 or 2v2 sport balanced map.

While the AI was going back to hes home after fight, he was ambushed by creeps on the road to home! I would suggest you to NEVER put creeps on the roads connecting zones if you are intending this to be balanced sport map.

The AI was able to go trough the trees as you can see here. To avoid such flaws, simply just press P while in the editor and watch for some "walkable tunnels". Unless you have intended this to be like that.
Level 28
Oct 28, 2011

  • Its the problem on the imported tiles that I used, I'm not a 2D artist so I can't do anything about that. But if I found someone that can fix it then I'll update the map immediately.
  • Item removed
  • Ahhh, there is no place to put that one, so I think its just stay there, you're supposed to kill them not to run with them.
  • Dumb me, forgot to put pathings there, thanks for point it out its now fixed :D

+rep later I got my limit to day. :psmile:
Neat looking melee map, although it would be nice if you could replace some of the (creep models)/creep building models as well, such as the gold mine and the shops, etc. to fit to the rest of the map's theme.
It's a really fresh looking melee map and it meets the basic melee map rules, but as far as gameplay goes, it does have a weak point, there are no special features and the map's layout is a bit recognizable. (when compared to other melee maps)


Hosted Project: BoW
Level 17
Feb 28, 2010
Very nice sonofjay, but I suggest that you go even wilder with your next meele creation. If you want to revive meele maps why not hit as big as it gets? I'm talking outer space, nexus, upside-down map (using the alpha tileset), draculas castle etc.etc.

Anyways this meele map has the looks and the IMPORTANT PART, balance. Therefore I am rating this 5/5. Good job.


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
The terrain looks just like tiles.
There are only two groups of powerful golems that are neerer to only two players. There are also only two Goblin Laboratories that are somewhat proportionally placed.
The map name also requires a (4) before it and a version update as there are heroes that are missing from the Tavern.