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[Trigger] Got a problem with trigger wich should occur when a spell is cast

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Level 3
Aug 2, 2009
ok guys the title says all but i shall explain more.

so for my map i need like a spell wich destroy the casting unit and the targetted unit and generates a new unit for the triggering player.

so i made a pic with trigger and variables i used ( and wich i thought would work but after testing they didnt)

btw the sctarget is already gone seems like i forgot to delete it in pic

ps. pls someone tell me what i did wrong.

Edit: Problem Solved thx to Pharaoh_
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Level 6
Mar 22, 2009
try using the replace trigger instead of destroying it and creating a new one.
replace trigger will flow better.
its like this..
  • Unit - Replace (Target unit of ability being cast) with a UNIT using The old unit's relative life and mana
try it :thumbs_up:
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