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This is a skin I did for one of Killst4r's models. No team colors, sorry.place anywhere and delete the "wc3imported" bit in the Import Manager. Download model first.

Moderator Edit, Associated Model: Goliath by Killst4r

Goliath, machine, engine, robot

Goliath (Texture)

The associated model has been found. This freehand texture appears to turn the Goliath into a rusty old bucket of bolts; a very cool concept and execution, if a little repetitive in terms of variation in the texturing itself. Hence set to Recommended.




THE_END: No idea where the hell the model actually is..soo GONE
Level 6
Apr 15, 2004
Dark Dragon: Everyone knows that and only you care- why even bother?

Great screenshot, and cool skin indeed! The original one is better for melee type of maps while this one is for special campaigns,cinematics or rpgs
Level 8
May 15, 2004
the colour of the metal is good, very rusted effect, need better texture thou, the texture in the end just looks likes a pixalted image, the texture needs to be pure metal, pure metal is normal smooth-ish but i still like it, and the screen shot aswell.