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goblin shredder robot heavy

GoblinHeavybot (Model)

General Frank: (Approved) [09-28-27] Model works ingame and performs well.




General Frank:

(Approved) [09-28-27]
Model works ingame and performs well.
Level 12
Mar 11, 2004
Oh damn, you are a bunch of flaming trolls and idiots. Nobody cares on an almost invisible detail on the face you would only see if you zoom the hell out of the model just to look for flaws.

And mini-me go die hard somewhere else, nobody cares on your stupid opinion about what is original.
Level 12
Apr 18, 2007
Great model, and yes, you friggin idiot, nobody will zoom up on their nose to look for tiny, TINY flaws. If so, then Blizzard is a piece of $ compared to what my favorite modeller can do. If you want to see a FLAWLESS model, even with a tiny detail like that, PM me. Trust me, I don't look up other people's nose. Apparently you do, though. Ok, enough scolding. Great model, and yay, you got the Team Color in. It's skin for it's main body is a little weird, though, and I can see that WITHOUT the zooming, so please fix that... Anyways, about... As others said, 3.5/5? I say the 10 rating, and give you bonus. 7.5/10.
Level 6
Jan 15, 2010
I laughed at the guy who were watching 0.2 centimeter faces. My screen is set to 800x600 for having old barrack as a PC. I doubt those people who are in 1600x1200 will even be able to see hes face that good xd. This is warcraft, what the hell you expect it to be, high quality model from Half Life 2?