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Gnoll Shaman

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Level 23
Jan 25, 2008
Ok, I am making a new unit/Hero (has an alternate form for the hero version :/) And I have one part already complete. The Mask...

I need your opinion about the mask, and a way to get the white-ish stripes to be teamcolored, as I can't seem to get it to work D: I'd like it so the Eye is as well. But the red part on the front remains.

1. Eye center (inside the black ring)
2. White stripes on ears of mask

gnoll shaman mask.jpg

If anyone has the time and skill to do this or tell me how, I would appreciate it.

This post is partly a request, but is more for recording my progress on the model and for people to comment on it, or critique it.
Level 48
Apr 18, 2008
To get TC on Photoshop:

1)Open your texture as a BMP file in Photoshop
2)There should be a "Channels" tab near the "Layers" tab. Click it.
3)Click "Create New Channel"
4)Fill the whole canvas in white, and color the parts where TC should appear in black(in order to ease that progress, check the "Eye" on both the RGB color channel and your "Alpha1" channels, this way you could see the original texture AND the alpha. All TC parts will be indicated in red on the image itself.
5)When you're done, save the texture and convert to BLP. Go to Magos Model Editor, CTRL+Click on your mesh, then go to material manager, double click the highlighted one, double click the Material Layer inside. It should use your mask texture. Set it to blending style "Blend", create a new Material Layer and make it use Replaceable Texture 1(TC), and set it blending mode to "None". Make sure that the Replaceable Texture 1 material layer is located above your previous layer(the one that uses the blending style "Blend").
6)Save and you're done :)

Hope it helps.
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