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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Game Master

The Game Master must be a player.
You can spawn units by buying at the factory.(Dont't buy too much)
Start round by typing "-next" (The players will be moved to the center and the units will attack)
Type "-open" to open the gate so that the gladiators can buy items.
Type "-close" to close the gate.
If it is Round 20, the Game Master (Pit Lord) will fight.


Fight 20 rounds to survive!!


-fixed bug with the Dialog


-Fixed Reviving Bug.

Gladiators (Map)

10:27, 31st Jul 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
Dude, you need to work further with your description...


Just a Comment

As a new one to play the map, I was confused at first what to do until I have re-started the game just to read the notes you've got before the real game begins. So there I go typing -next, -open, -close and alas, I've done it right. I wait for the final wave [should I say final event], and there it goes, the boss has come at last... to my surprise, the boss stand by my side as my own unit, haha... How could I fight the boss then if he is my own unit? So, the game has no ending at all.

units are freely given, this should not be... In this case it will cause lag for the game...

some of you triggers leak... fix this thing... there is a tutorial about how you will eradicate those leaks, just find them here..

You used many doodads... use them in moderation... The terrain is just good enough for a gladiator fight, that's in my opinion...

Your at the right track I guess. This map just needs a little modifications or so, then if you are ready, PM someone who could review this map and after that maybe you can PM/VM a map mod to moderate this...

1. This is not a review, this is only a comment based on my observation about your map as I've played it. If you want a real review, PM/VM a map reviewer for that case...

2. Take this advise or not, its up to you...

VOTE 3/5
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