Generic Chaos Troll

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Eyyo! How's it going HIVE community?, it's Kakorin/TheBeautifulPeople, today I'm presenting you the almighty Chaos Troll, a generic one, heavily based in shiik's unavailable Generic Chaos Troll.

-Why a generic troll? That's because I wanted to use chaos trolls as creeps but the ones in the troll pack have unique themes ex. Gladiator, Berserker, etc. He's nowhere to be found too :/ so I can't ask him for that skin.
-I used the Dark Troll texture as a template so it has some bits of purple, I also used the Chaos Troll Ranger face and fingers because it was very hard to fuse the dark and purple skin part of the face.

All credits to Blizzard and shiik.:peasant-cool:
they look cool, don't they?

Generic Chaos Troll (Texture)