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Gathering of the Neutrals v1.8

Submitted by El Fox
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
A map with tons of custom units and altered races. Map is still in being worked on, but everything should be working. Plz report any errors.

-Map is now on custom terrain!

-Human = Dragons/Drakes
-Undead = Has a more Halloween type theme
-Orc = Elementals
-Night Elves = Same

-Hero Lv Cap is 20.
-Food limit is 200.
-Each Race has a Titan unit.
-Each race has a hero with a powerful lv 12 spell.

-Update 1.6
-A few terrain problems fixed.
-More creeps spread out better on map.
-Some naga creeps added.

-Update 1.7
-Added alot of custom icons
-A few more terrain errors fixed
-Update 1.8
-Fixed the error with AI. Now the AI are all function like normal.
-Creeps now guard the gold mines of people not playing.
-Creeps now drop items.
-More icons added.
-Some minor spell improvements.

Note: This is a single player map not meant for Battle Net, so plz dont remove for size. If you want to help plz download and compress then message me.

-Icons that helped make this map:

-bananaHUNT: BTNUnholyResurrection
-Thrikodius: BTNPumpkinPhantom
-Paladon: BTNArmyOfDeath
-Beat-Down: BTNElite
-INSEKT: BTNMagicMeteorRain, BTNMindAttack
-Blaxor: BTNFieryBallThingy
-FrIkY: BTNFireImpact
-Pyritie: Fire Low and Medium
-Discipline: BTNicedemon
-~Void~: BTNStormRune
-FrIkY: BTNShadowTorment,
BTNCRSS, BTNN_Attack, BTNN_Halt, BTNN_Hold_Ground, BTNN_Move, BTNN_Patroll, BTNSH_Armor_Upgrade_S, BTNSH_Armor_Upgrade_T, BTNSH_Armor_Upgrade_Fo, BTNCR_Goblin_Repair, BTNCR_H_Construct_Building
-Thelordofsummoon: BTNBlackHole
-Darkfang: BTNStormSphere
-Big Dub: BTNOrbitalBeam, BTNPlatemail
-X.e.r.e.X: BTNWaterOrb
-shamanyouranus: BTNChaosWarrior, BTNNagaBuild
-PureOwnage: BTNAxeElementFire
-ROMICH UA: BTNUndeadMeleeFour, BTNShadowBlade
-KelThuzad: BTNSmite
-Fireeater: BTNFrostsword
-wet_water: BTNLightningSword
-antihero: BTNSoul-Rip
-Dan van Ohllus: BTNDemonPillar
-Kimberly: BTNDragonBreath, BTNImperiumScavengedArmour
-ragingspeedhorn: BTNelementfury2
-Garthok: BTNFlamingBow
-Arcsol: BTNArcaneFissure
-NMSAM666: BTNFlameaura
-Kershbob: BTNDTeleport
-DiCe: BTNFireskull
-VaLkYroN: BTNPacify
-trippledota: BTNBurningman
-leetslay: BTNManaSurge
-Daelin: BTNTelekinesis
-meneldor: BTNCelestrialShield
-La morte: BTNSeaDrake
-aznshadow: BTNThunderSpirit
-Mc !: BTNDragonHand, BTNFrostAxe
-Sopho: BTNFireSwirl
-Darkfang: BTNAirSphere, BTNEarthSphere, BTNEarthSphere, BTNHolySphere, BTNNewTornado
-mortal: BTNOrbOfWater
-Muoteck: BTN_DragonFirePhalanx, BTN_AzureDragonJudicator
-Big Dub: BNTEyes
-ANdROnIQ: BTNFireAndWater
-VaLkYroN: BTNTotalDarkness

I will soon be adding the models and there creaters to this list.

Altered Melee,Melee,Dragon,Halloween,Elemental

Gathering of the Neutrals v1.8 (Map)

21:37, 12th Nov 2008 Septimus: File size exceed 4mb. Cannot be host at battlenet. Sources reject.
  1. 21:37, 12th Nov 2008
    Septimus: File size exceed 4mb. Cannot be host at battlenet. Sources reject.
  2. knight26


    Jul 16, 2007
    Err... well here is my review:
    1. U got a lot of models there
    2. Some costume abilities and icons

    1. The terrain of the map is not made by you
    2. You didn't give any credits to the model owners

    1. U got a lot of models but the rest is the same
    2. Some icons are the same
    3. Some buildings are the same
    4. the voices are the same as well
    5. A lot of file size

    Overall 2.4/5 Comment: Not a good map because models dont make the map...the makers make the map.!
  3. El Fox

    El Fox

    Oct 3, 2008
    Plz Leave a comment.