Fully team colored Jaina Proudmoore

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Original texture doesn't look good with team colors except purple and pink, so I decided to redraw it and made all purple elements transparent or gold (shoulder pad parts and the runes on the cloak)

Fully team-colored Jaina Proudmoore (Texture)

Marked as Useful / Simple.
Level 29
May 25, 2017
Right, but i dont know where to put it because its skin..
its on 'Art Model File'? or where?
Technically after you put the texture with its path provided, the skin will replace the original texture in that map. Of course, you need to restart the world editor to see it effect or test the map instead. For example this skin with its path provided as Units\Human\Jaina\Jaina.blp.

Just change your unit or hero into Jaina model and test it out for yourself on Art - Model file in Object Editor.
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