Four New SOTE Buildings

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Four new SOTE Buildings:
1. Lorelei Observatory - Serves as a drop-off point and contains the Telekinesis, Masonry, and Wellspring upgrades.
2. Reliquary - Contains improved armor, weaponry, and magic mastery.
3. Storm Tower - Powerful defensive structure capable of dealing lightning attacks. Has Magic Sentry and Masonry.
4. Faun Sanctuary - Trains Behemoths and Centaur Mystics. Also contains Animal War Training and Mystical Pendant upgrade.

Faun Sanctuary (Model)

Faun Sanctuary Portrait (Model)

Lorelei Observatory (Model)

Lorelei Observatory Portrait (Model)

Reliquary (Model)

Reliquary Portrait (Model)

Storm Tower (Model)

Storm Tower Portrait (Model)

Level 20
Jul 2, 2009
Would be very useful for more different buildings for the Elves of Warcraft...
Nice job too and yeah...