Forsaken Campaign

Level 4
Oct 29, 2008
I'm not entirely set on a name, but I am in theprocess of making a campaing focused on the forsaken after TFT. I have created an entirely new race for the forsaken, and also completed the BE race. The story follows Lucious Deathspeak, a forsaken captain whom used to be a Death Knight. He is the only Death Knight to escape the Lich Kings control, and has a strange connection with The Lich King still.

I plan for it to have a prelude interlude and final cinematic map

There is also a total of 10 chapters

Chap 1= (Lorderon Terrain) starts off with Deathspeak and some unitswhich you must attack scarlet outpost with, you have two options on how to get there. After destroying th outpost you have possibley gotten couple of optional quests, but the main tells you to go to main base, where you can pick up more optional quests. At the Main FOrsaken Base, you learn you must cross the nearby river, after doing so you get builders and can build a base to attack scourge bases. Mograine is evacuating a human settlment andis under attack by the fallen Naxxramas. end

Chap 2= (Lorderon Terrain) The main bases forces fall under the New Lich Kings control while Deathspeak is away, you must lead survivors to take back the encampment and use the barges there to escape

Chap3= (Mountain Terrian) The barges crash in a valley and you must destroy the walls of the valley before your base is overrrun to escape.

Chap4=(Doungen Terrain) Simple maze through bad guys, with triggers, andan optional quest

Chap5= (Lorderon Fall) Fight off Undead and Scarlet Crusaders, and clear the mountain path to move southward out of Lorderon, which has ben taken almost completely by the scourge. Mograine is here as well.

I have 5 done completely, though the first can do with some revision perhaps
6 is almost complete

6= retaking of Dalaran. build base, destroy undaed bases inside, with sum twists and turns

the rest are not done at all

Interlude= Dalran Ruins setting, a bit more patched up. needs to have buldable areas for about 5 teams inside, and 6 outside. I'm aiming for somthing similar to what Arthas attacked in the RoC Undead Campaign.

If someone wants to make the cinema I would give more details

7=Same Terrain, you must fight off Scarlet Crusaders while building special defences that are custum for this campaign.

8= Lorderan Winter Terain. Mountinous Scourge Fortresses, 4 of them, each led by a Death Knight. You must kill all four, and subsequently destroy thier bases.

Interlude= Back at Dalaran, Bunch of Races arrive at Keal's request, and subsequently Jaina's. They discuss holding off Lich Kings Forces and such. Sylvanas leaves group and goes out to face Arthas alone. Lures him accross a birdge, seperating him from his forces, he knocks her down, and uses a possessed goblin sapper to destroy the brigde, reminisant of the time he attacked Quel'Thalas. She dies, but he is forced to go around the river, and cannot take part in the battle.

I need realy anyone that is willing to do anything to help the Campaign
-Terrainers for the above mentioned, especialy after 6. though modifying older ones would helptoo
-Moddlers, who could make some sort of alter with runeblades visable on it,
a Forsaken infantry, human, and some skeletal features visable, but plated armor
and if someone is feeling creative, something that could pass as a "infested Corpse" unit. Preferably Elf in some way
A "fallen Champion" unit, Human Heavy melee type. Less Fleshy, and more like a Death Knight as far as undeath goes.
Full set of Buildings would also be nice, either new models, or animated versions of the ones I'm using. Forsaken build buildings like a human or orc, not summon it.

- Anyone who can make Meleee type Ai's would be incredibly usefullfor all the maps
- Anyone willing to do the prelougue/interludes
- any other ways that one could help is appretiated, suggetions and comments also good.


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