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Footman Bear variations

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Icons for @SAM_PorL one and unique model: Footman Bear.


During the creation of the "Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition" series, the follwoing in-game(Warcraft III Classic) icons was used:
- Furbolg
- Furbolg Panda
- Furbolg Shaman
- Furbolg Tracker
- Furbolg Polar
- Furbolg Ursa

@Aldeia 's Advice was helped a lot to make multiple icon variation. Thank you very much ;)

Second Variation added
V3 Uploaded
Blizzard Edition released
The following icons released:
Footman Bear V4
Blizzard Edition V2
Blizzard Edition V3
Blizzard Edition: Panda
Blizzard Edition: Shaman
Blizzard Edition: Tracker
Blizzard Edition: Polar
Blizzard Edition: Ursa

Feel free to use, only credit the authors in case of use.

Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition: Panda (Icon)

Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition: Polar (Icon)

Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition: Ursa (Icon)

Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition: Shaman (Icon)

Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition: Tracker (Icon)

Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition V3 (Icon)

Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition V2 (Icon)

Footman Bear - Blizzard Edition (Icon)

Footman Bear V4 (Icon)

Footman Bear - V3 (Icon)

Footman Bear V2 (Icon)

Footman Bear - V1 (Icon)

Level 26
Aug 18, 2022
Can barely say that it is a bear, could use a way better angle, also use the portrait variation for better details.
Here is a a quick (not ideal) screenshot angle example.
View attachment 457078
With a bit of smoothing. (use the Smudge tool and smudge some white/black colors with a bit of transparency to add the effect)
View attachment 457079
Thank you for your critic, I try my best, and thank you for the advice: I'm try then in this perspective.
dude its like he is looking straight at your soul
You are not alone, those eyes are dangerous!
I adore the stirn look thro the eye-slit.

Extremely well done and in my opinion pretty versatile.
Thank you very much! Glad you like it, and approve it!