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Fischk Hero Defence V.9.10

This is the next generation of Fischk Hero Defence which already in vacuum for lasts 2 years, so with the permission of this map's original author : Athene, I modify and improve this map by reviving it up so you can enjoy playing this map...

Q: What does fischk mean?
A: Fischk is not actually a real word, but it does mean fish:p When I bought my website adress, I wanted something that would remind people of fish, but something more spicey, and so I came up with it:) (note from Athene)

Q: Do you use any other program than the World Editor?
A: No

Q: Do you need any knowledge to make maps?
A: Not really, but making triggers seems to fit some personalities much better than others

Q: Why do you bother putting so much time into it?
A: 1. It's fun to toy around in the editor, actually it's more fun than playing a map, in my opinion. 2. I like to create things that people can use\play. 3. Who doesn't like getting good ratings and compliments on their work? 4. Because I like the feeling of being good at something that not everybody manages to get the hang of.

Changes 8.5 -9.6
* Added 6 more skills (demonic speed, ice blast, blink, instagib, cluster rockets, bounty bonus)
* Lowered mana cost for the Healing skill
* Spiked armor can now be found in the Defensive skills shop
* Increased recharge rate for Talisman of Second Chance from 90 to 60 seconds
* Increased radius for Cleaving Attack to 200 and Pulverize to 175
* Decreased radius for Immolation from 200 to 175
* Berserk effect has been increased from 25% each level to 40% each level
* Added tips for skill-combinations on each skill item
* Added 6 more items (emergency teleport, magical duplicator, pepper spray, meditation music,

trained owl, shrimp snacks)
* Halved stock replenish interval for Ankh
* Added a new level to all tower types
* Small changes for most towers
* Added new tower type
* Added 5 more levels
* Each level now lasts 10 seconds longer (33% increase)
* Slightly lowered the range of all ranged creeps
* Lowered the damage of all creeps
* Slightly increased bounty for all creeps
* Fixed the armor for melee creeps
* The two last levels now spawn the right amount of creeps
* Decreased hitpoints for level 2+
* Replaced the mistaken Thunder Lizard Diamond with the real diamond.
* Added commands: -help, -skills, -heroes, -general
* Altar of the depths now has a 2hp\sec healing rate. Previous rate was 0
v.9.6 - v.9.7
* Fixed the bug with the Bounty Bonus skill
v.9.7 - v.9.10
* Fixed the bug with the Spell damage calculation
* Added some new units with new icons
* Improved the difficulties of creeps

Also i've added some of names that their resources used in this map.

Fischk, Hero, Hero Defence, Defence, Defense, Strategy, Survival.

Fischk Hero Defence V.9.10 (Map)

05:16, 2nd Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 18
Feb 28, 2009
Changelog doesn`t count as proper description. Write more about map, put some screenshots, etc. And you doesn`t have to, but it`d be better if you put changelog into hidden as MultiGod mentioned (
[/hidden*] - without *)