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First Icon!

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Deleted member 157129

It's hard to avoid this, so I won't: the quality of your drawing matters a lot in an icon. Your eye does not look very good, it's square-ish and lacks proper shading. Before you make icons based on pure imagination, maybe it would be better the use a reference for the icons in the beginning, to practise and get an idea of how things should look. Also, the white, though I suppose it resembles some kind of glow, looks awful. A glow does not need to be fully as powerful, and often there are better colours to use than white. Smudge also ruins the colour, and it looks like you've used that here, try to avoid that and use a soft brush instead.

Furthermore, what kind of spell, item or hero would use this icon? It's a good idea that you have a picture of what the icon is for in-game before you start drawing something, so that it becomes less random.

Good luck with practice, you'll get there!

The Panda

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Jun 2, 2008
Hmm, This icon could be used for a spell or maybe an icon for that matter. But, if you are trying too make an spell icon i would suggest adding something on it too make it look more like a spell icon. An example i would put on it is, make veins or effects towards the eye and/or maybe make more effects or decoration in the backround. Another suggestion i have for you is too increase the size of the eye as it is very small at the moment.
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