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[SD/Modeling] Fire Emblem Three Houses/Three Hopes Modeling

Level 4
Jan 26, 2022
Hello. I happen to be a Warcraft III fanatic, and at the same time, Fire Emblem (particularly Three Houses and Three Hopes). Anyone here know how to make models (and like convert from Blender to MDX)? If yes, please do. Thanks.

Three Hopes Blender Models
Here is where you can download the Fire Emblem Three Houses/Three Hopes Models. Please port 'em here (with their Three Hopes Timeskip Outfit design).

(Special Note: For Byleth, Design two models for both genders [total of four] - Normal outfit, and Enlightened One; For Rhea, design two models - Archbishop and the Seiros Outfits.)

To hint you what weapon to attach to each character:

Byleth (Normal Outfit, both genders) - Ridill
Byleth (Enlightened One, both genders) - Creator Sword and Aegis Shield
Jeralt - Lance of Zoltan and mounted to a horse
Edelgard - Aymr and her shield
Dimitri - Areadbhar
Claude - Failnaught and mounted to a Wyvern.
Hubert - just a dark tome design
Ferdinand - Lance of Zoltan, a shield and mounted to a horse.
Linhardt - any white magic tome
Caspar - Axe of Zoltan.
Bernadetta - The Inexhaustible
Dorothea - any black magic tome
Petra - Sword of Zoltan
Dedue - Axe of Zoltan, a shield and mounted to a horse.
Felix - Sword of Moralta
Ashe - Bow of Zoltan
Sylvain - Lance of Ruin, a shield and mounted to a horse.
Mercedes - Ichor Scroll
Annette - Crusher
Ingrid - Luin and mounted to a Pegasus.
Hilda - Freikugel
Lorenz - Axe of Ukonvasara and mounted to a horse.
Ignatz - Bow of Zoltan
Raphael - Axe of Zoltan
Marianne - Blutgang
Lysithea - tome
Leonie - Bow of Zoltan
Yuri - Sword of Zoltan
Balthus - Vajra-Mushti
Constance - Scroll of Talos and mounted to a pegasus.
Hapi - Hrotti
Catherine - Thunderbrand
Alois - Axe of Zoltan
Shamir - Bow of Zoltan
Manuela - any black magic tome
Hanneman - any black magic tome
Cyril - Bow of Zoltan and mounted to a wyvern
Seteth - Spear of Assal, Ochain Shield and mounted to a wyvern.
Flayn - Caduceus Staff on right hand and Amalthea on left hand
Gilbert - Axe of Zoltan and mounted to a horse.
Rhea (Archbishop) - any tome
Rhea (Seiros Outfit) - Sword and Shield of Seiros

Death Knight - Scythe of Sariel
Kronya - Athame
Cornelia - Asclepius
the rest - Weapon of Zoltan or any tome.

For those who will comply, please message me on my Messenger account "Aubrey Pallarca." Thank you.