Final Fantasy Bomb

I wish for a person to create a final fantasy Bomb (preferably the bomb from FF12, but it doesn't matter if you choose an earlier version.

size is no object, put in as much detail as you like

FF12 Bomb:
The shape: Basically a flaming ball of fire with a devilish smile.
Emmiters: it need to give off a large amount of light to the surrounding areas as well as flames off of it, maybe stick a fuse ontop of it.
eys should also be made of flames
Animations: should pulse every now and again and on stand animation should move either left and right or up and down.
Images: <- white bomb (A).jpg <- red bomb <- king bomb
Difficulty: Hard

FF10 Bomb:
The shape: also like a ball but at the back it rises into six spikes amd small flam hands on both sides, evil smile.
Emmiters: Like the others, large amount of light coming off it, however eyes are fixed, flames coming off back.
Animations: should sway in stand animation and spin on attack as well as move forward quickly, also needs a pulse animation. Spell animation is a waving of the hands.
Images: <- standard bomb <- consept art <- bomb king
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

FF9 Bomb:
The shape: ball with solid streeks of flame at the back. two solid arms either side, eyes are solid, has a slight smile
Emmiters: only light, not much.
animations: on stand it should move up and down as well as streeks should waver, spell animation is waving of arms then moving forward, Grow animation: bomb rises higher then lifts up arms then comes back down. has no attack animation.
Images: <- only type of bomb <- consept art
Difficulty: medium

Other images:\AUTOIMAGES\SQ80916lg.jpg <- soft toy bomb <- another soft toy bomb

I am asking for the creation of this model for a spidecial weapon in one of my modern warfare projects i am working on, anyone who wants to try this can and i dont care tghat much if some of the details are not included.
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