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Female Captain (four variants)

This captain stands tall amongst her comrades in arms, commanding respect on the battlefield and maintaining order in the ranks through her disciplined example. While there are no female captains in the base game, there are plenty of examples in the lore of Warcraft. Hopefully she will be a fine addition to your project, whether as an NPC, demi-Hero, or unit.

This bundle includes four variants, each with a different complection for further diversification of the ranks.

10/10 - Added cape, fixed animation issues with the skirt, fixed Stand 3. Will add individual variation in a future update.

These models were created using the Retera Model Studio. All geosets and textures are from Warcraft 3: Reforged. Some textures were edited in GIMP and Adobe Substance Painter by Symphoneum. Animations are from the Captain, geosets are from the Female Deathknight (Body), the female villager (skeleton/organs), and the Captain (accoutrements). Please credit Symphoneum if used in a project. Feel free to use the model as you see fit and have fun!

Female Captain v1 (Model)

Female Captain v1 icon (Icon)

Female Captain v1 portrait (Model)

Female Captain v2 (Model)

Female Captain v2 icon (Icon)

Female Captain v2 portrait (Model)

Female Captain v3 (Model)

Female Captain v3 icon (Icon)

Female Captain v3 portrait (Model)

Female Captain v4 (Model)

Female Captain v4 icon (Icon)

Female Captain v4 portrait (Model)

it's good to have female derivatives (better with more than one!) that are also different in proportion compared to the male Captain. I'd also recommend making another variant with the gold-plated Lordaeron Shield APPROVED.
Would love to see more differentiation than sex so that the model would not be confused on the battlefield from the bird's view perspective.
Sure, I can do that.

My original intention was that they wouldn’t be on the battlefield together but would work nicely in Cinematics.

The variants were actually a result of experimenting with texture filters in Substance painter! There was just supposed to be one originally but I couldn’t pass this up since it worked so well.
Level 11
Feb 23, 2020
Haha. Female leaders... :D

Jokes aside, the bald head still bothers me. It is just not the Warcraft culture. Can't you just paint some hair atop their head? One blonde, one brunette, one black so something. It's barely visible, and nobody would expect a full Peggy Bundy hairdo under a military helmet for the 2 seconds they can see it.
Level 1
Mar 21, 2023
I hope you can add the sound effect node after falling to the ground and dying. There is no death sound in the game