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After my Elven Ranger Bow model, i decided to make some more attachments in the near future. The first that came to my mind was a demonic hammer with a fel infused smaragd to empower it. Initially i wanted to decorate it with many small jewels, but i soon reconsidered that after the number of vertices went pretty much upward. So i then changed the entire concept.
This is a demonic two-handed hammer with a dark steel frame on its head that holds the fel infused smaragd. This gem gives the wielder of the hammer more strength and power and boosts his/her attacks with demonic energies, thereby greatly increasing the damage done and also causing fel flame immolation wounds to the target enemy, which cause damage over time as well. Luckily this weapon isn't exactly the thing one would be likely to see, except from demon, fel and rarely undead and fallen legiones. Among other races the weapon is extremely rare or its use sometimes even banned, especially at Nightelves, although neither the weapon itself nor its energies can influence the wielder. It's also a quite reliable weapon when it comes to what damage it causes and the easyness of use. It does neither require special skills nor a lot of strength to wield it, as the demonized smaragd is actually pretty lightweight.

by downloading this ressource you receive 2 models: the actual model is the attachment version and the portrait file. The portrait file (should be named ''FelSmaragdShattererItem_portrait'' or so) isn't a real portrait, it's just the item version for it. It should be imported as FelSmaragdShattererItem.mdx, not with the ending _portrait.mdx. The attachment version has been made to fit units of the size of the Paladin model and they must have anims for 2-handed weapons.

Feel free to use both models in any imaginable way, including editing, if desired. No need to ask me for permission. Have fun with them! :wink:

EDIT 1: removed some materials that had the replaceable ID 0 issue and also removed some unused skins the item version had for some reason. :wink:

EDIT 2: deleted some unused objects in the node manager. :wink:

mace, hammer, two-handed, 2-handed, demonic weapon, fel weapon, powerfull weapon, shatterer, shattering, destroying

EDIT 3: though approved in the past, i decided to update the model so that it fits into the New Hive's rules. It now has a death anim. At the end of the death anim it disappears. I intentionally made the death anim be nearly as long as the death plus dissipate anim from heroes, so that it doesn't disappear akwardly during the wielder's death.

Fel Emerald Shatterer (Icon)

FelEmeraldShatterer (Model)

FelEmeraldShattererItem (Model)

Misha 21th Oct 2013 Moderator's Review: something here crashed my game >_> sorry mate.. troubleshoot it. also at first try, the item version wasn't shown on the ground Kwaliti: Approved.




21th Oct 2013
Moderator's Review:

something here crashed my game >_> sorry mate.. troubleshoot it.
also at first try, the item version wasn't shown on the ground

Kwaliti: Approved.