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Q: How do I play this?
A: Download the maps unpack them from each subfolder so you have all missions from 01 to 04 place them in your Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder
Start WC3, Single Player, Custom Game and enjoy from mission 01!
Opening the map in World Editor is disabled, the campaign is Reforged HD settings only.

Q: When will the whole Orcish campaign be released?
A: There is no precise answer for this question. We have all the maps, but still need to record voice acting, fix bugs, polish cinematics, make models for the Dwarven tech-tree.
We also have jobs and families. All we can say - we are trying our best!

Q: Is this a final version? If not, when we got the updates?
A:Hotfixes and simple things can be updated soon. But major requests will be analysed and probably will be included in final release.

Q: Voice Acting, cinematics, spelling errors etc. could be better.
A: Yes, as stated in intro screen voices aren't final. We will work with professionals and passionate fans to deliver the best we can, that applies to cinematics and grammar as well.
If you're interested in Voice Acting and have a good mic setup (pod mic for example), contact ShadiHD on our discord (links below).

Q: Some missions feel a bit slow and could use more action, will you improve them?
A: Yes, we have received a wast amount of feedback, thank you all for it! Mission 01 will be reworked to an extend, making it more enjoyable.
Some other aspects have already been fixed, such as oil resource. We're trying our best to make the game enjoyable!

Q: How is the lore set up, what about this or that retcon in missions?
Mission sequence follows WarCraft II. Novels and WoW lore is used to give more depth to the story. Things like conquest of Khaz Modan will be shown in cutscenes,
same as with some other expanded or not playable lore bits from WarCraft universe.

Q: Do you guys plan to share the custom models?
A: We are, but not all at one time. Some WoW-related models will be available before campaign release.
Part of the models will be released when the Orcish campaign is finished and another part with subsequent campaigns.

Q: Is there a way to support you?
A: If you want to support us financially, you can do so via PayPal (you don't need to register, best solution is to donate with a credit card, and set a note).
Add a note when donating with the nick/name you want us to put in supporters list, or keep it completely anonymous, we'll very thankful regardless!
Under Activision Blizzard's new Policy, we cannot provide any privilege features such as early access or locked content for backers,
so everyone will get the same content at the end, but that's just ok with us!

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