Hosted Project: QM
Level 13
May 16, 2010
Q. How to download quenching mod?
A. You can just download normal and core version just at Hiveworshop - Tool - a few days later.
If you want full version and campaign please go to our official site: http://www.warchasersreforged.com/en.html

Q. How to install quenching mod?
A. 1 - unzip the package - 2 - copy to warcraft III dictionary - 3 - use QuenchingModCN or Console (QMconsole) - Press Setup/Fix - 4 - wait until it's done
if you can't understand, there is a video for now
we will release a tutorial later.

Q. Is quenching mod available with classic version or old version like 1.30?
A. After v1.3 the core version supports some features with classic version and patch after 1.30
v1.2 do not support classic graphic, use console to turn off / delete when using classic mode.

Q. Why there is crash / error when using quenching mod?
A. Whenever war3 has an official update, please delete retail/scripts or turn off adjustment setting in QMconsole - ui
That's because of the conflict about blizzard.j

Q. My screen become pure white or very foggy?
A. Use QMconsole - AMD repair or copy quenching/AMDshaders to retail/shaders/ps/ and choose replace
It's because the AMD / NVIDIA GPU have different bytecode compiler.

Q. I heard there is custom campaign, how to play?
A. We will have a tutorial about how to make a quenching-1.32-playable campaign.
for now, you can play the campaign which pre-installed in mod or shown in official site.