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Level 7
May 15, 2009
This section is a little less organized, it is just kinda a dump for all of the information that has been written out to best explain various mechanics. I will do my best to keep it readable. Any questions can be asked here.

General Information:
Very Basic Info:

Heroes: - Stat gains per level are reflected by the number of markers next to their stat. Higher tier heroes have increased stat gain per level.
- Melee Heroes have 20% extra damage reduction, and 15% faster attack and move speed.(edited)

- Honor vendor prices grow exponentially as you increase tiers and preset mods.
- Blacksmith rarity increases with every siege that the castle survives.
- There will eventually be a potion vendor.
- The battlefront is based on the average player level; and costs are set accordingly. Every upgrade purchased in a game increases the base cost by a factor.
- The bank stores items to be shared across your characters. More tabs will be available in the future for a steep cost.

- Experience granted is based on the level of the killing player. The formula is 1+(floor(lvl/10) is a buffer zone with no loss; and each level past that is a 14% reduction in EXP gained. After that is calculated, experience is divided among party members, gaining 10% per member; and then reduced again by 10% per members level difference from the slain monster.
- Item rarity is a base value set on every unit (ranging from 20-60 on average monsters, and 70-160 on bosses), and the level of the unit*1.5 is added to that value.
- Magic Find increases the value above by the amount of magic find you have. Killing a level 20 boss with 160 base MF, would be 200 MF. With 200% MF on gear, that gives the items a rarity of 600.
- Item Rarity is rolled on a scale, where the MF of of the drop is added to the min and max value of the item drop chance, and rolled; if it is above the items rarity, it moves on to the next rarity.
- Example: (Untrue numbers: Magic=50, Rare=200, Epic=800) With the 600 MF above, I will roll from 600-650, and if the number is greater than 50, the item becomes magic. then I roll from 600-800,
- (Cont) if the number is above 200, it becomes rare; then I roll from 600-1400, if the result is above 800, it becomes epic; then I roll from 600-3000, and if it is above 2400, the item rolls as legendary.
- Those numbers are not accurate, but you get the idea.

- As of this Post, there are only 4 dungeons. (And Purgatory Cavern but that's different.)
- Dungeons feature numerous bosses and enemies that scale based on the # of players in the party.
- Only one instance of a Specific Dungeon can be run at any time.
- Dungeons reset after a few minutes of leaving them uninhabited.
- At the end of a dungeon, a portal will appear to allow a quick escape back to the entrance.
- Dungeon loot is shared with the party, even if a player is outside of the dungeon.

- Currently there are 16 item mods which can roll randomly on items.
- The first (Base) mod on all items is preset, with the exception of jewelry; and rolls at a value of 1.5X. - The second and thirds (Primary) mods roll at a value of 1X, and are random, unless you are purchasing legendary items from the honor vendor.
- The fourth and fifth (Secondary) mods roll at a value of .5X.
- Twilight items have unique mods which replace their Base mod.

General Regions:
- All creeps despawn after a region is empty for 30 seconds.
- Bosses spawn with an active player remaining in the zone for about 3-5 minutes.
- Boss/Creep spawn timer is frozen if you are too close to their spawning point.
- Every region except for the Abandoned Fields has a boss.
- All loot/EXP is shared with a radius of 6 (12 in a party).

Mechanics Information:
Calculating Damage Reduction:
Physical Damage reduction is applied before all else as a flat value, then any buffs, then armor is calculated.
Armor Formula: (armor x 0.04) / (1 + armor x 0.04)

Calculating CDR:
Here’s a quick, easy, and (almost) accurate method:
  1. Sum up all of your cooldown rate mods from your gear (as percent)
  2. Add your cooldown rate from speed, currently SPEED/10 (as percent)
  3. Call that sum TOTAL_CDR
  4. Compute 1.1 * (.99^TOTAL_CDR) using Google or a calculator
  5. Multiply the resulting number by the Tooltip cooldown to know the actual cooldown in-game
Explained in more detail: Cooldown Rate Explained

Stat point efficiency compared to their item equivalent:
This is a lot of graphs, and it shows the relative balance of all stat choices.
Stat Efficiencies Relative to Tier 12 Gear

Hero Reviews:
High Sorc/Avatar: TheWho's Long AF High Sorc / Avatar Reviews (with opinionated suggestions)

All classes at tier 5:
Jackyl's Review of all Classes

(Attached as PDF)
An awesome guide to the game, up to the end of version 2.0 (Level 36), including heroes, quests, locations, and more!

Anyone who plays the game and would like to leave a long-winded review, this is the place to do so!


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