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Fallout: The Saga

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Aug 12, 2011
So I had this idea, and I have been playing around with it. Why not make a fallout based on all of them put together (Given that it will have different NPC's then all of them and a different story line but the same general setting).

Setting: Fort George, Quebec, Canada. One of the last remaining areas of the world that was untouched by the Great War of 2077. Untouched by the BoS or the Enclave, with a working government (Government of Canada, formerly the government of the US).

Story Line: You wake up in a doctors office, hes telling you there was accident, a terrible one. You have no memory of who or where you came from. You have a black booklet, with a name, date and place. Not much else....

  • Involving story line with 2 hours of gameplay
  • Over 20 side quests that will have you wandering the Canadian Wastelands
  • Autosave feature
  • Level by level perks with special NPC interaction perks
  • Epic map with over 60 locations
  • Advanced inventory systems, allowing unlimited items to be carried (limit set by strength)
  • Gameplay dependant on you, your actions choose your future.
  • Character shaping system. Choose your race. Pick you attributes (Strength, Survival, Agility, Luck, Perception and more).

Still just an idea, would like some feedback.

clip 1.jpg




The Team

Looking for help as well...
DrRandomZA Little Bit Of Everything
Apply :) Modeler
Apply :) Triggerer (JASS/GUI)
Apply (Need 2)Beta/Bug Tester


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