Empire Earth icons

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Here we go. All icons extracted raw. Get the ones you want.
They have the same size as Warcraft 3 (64x64) so there's not any scaling which could hurt the quality.
I'm filling it when I get the time, I've to add those one by one... so every day I'll do a letter.
I've done A to L, the rest is yet to come. M comes tomorrow.

May be useful to historical maps.

The whole direct bundle (BTN and DISBTN)

120mm anti-tank gun (Icon)

Alexi Septimus (Icon)

Atomic age modern (Icon)

Atomic age WW1 (Icon)

Atomic age WW2 (Icon)

Avenger carrier fighter-bomber (Icon)

Battleship (Bronze age) (Icon)

Battleship (Bronze age, alternate 2) (Icon)

Battleship (Bronze age, alternate) (Icon)

Battleship (Copper age) (Icon)

Battleship (Digital age) (Icon)

Battleship (Imperial age) (Icon)

Battleship (Iron/Dark age) (Icon)

Battleship (Medieval) (Icon)

Battleship (Medieval, alternate) (Icon)

Battleship (Middle ages ? Alternate ?) (Icon)

Battleship (Renaissance) (Icon)

Battleship (WW1) (Icon)

Battleship (WW2, Bismark) (Icon)

Bazooka (WW2) (Icon)

Black prince (Icon)

Black robe (Icon)

Black robe officer (Icon)

Bombard (Icon)

Bomber (Future) (Icon)

British infantry (Icon)

Bronze age (Icon)

Bronze cannon (Icon)

Bronze cavalry (Icon)

Buckingham palace (Icon)

Building code (Icon)

Bullseye lantern (Icon)

C-47 Transport plane (Icon)

Caesar (Icon)

Cancel (Icon)

Canine scout (Icon)

Capitol (Icon)

Carabineer (Icon)

Cargo truck (Icon)

Castle keep (Icon)

Cataphract (Icon)

Catapult (Icon)

Cavalry archer (Icon)

Centurion Tank (Icon)

Centurion tank (alternate) (Icon)

Ceremonial burial (Icon)

Chariot archer (Icon)

Charlemagne (Icon)

Chemical drugs (Icon)

Chemical pesticids (Icon)

Child (Bronze age) (Icon)

Child (Medieval) (Icon)

Child (Modern) (Icon)

Child (prehistoric) (Icon)

Chinese infantry (Icon)

Citizen (Bronze age) (Icon)

Citizen (Bronze age, female) (Icon)

Citizen (Medieval) (Icon)

Citizen (Medieval, female) (Icon)

Citizen (Modern) (Icon)

Citizen (Modern, female) (Icon)

Citizen (Prehistoric) (Icon)

Citizen (Prehistoric, female) (Icon)

Citizen (Stone age) (Icon)

Citizen (Stone age, female) (Icon)

Civil liberties (Icon)

Clubman (Icon)

Coffer dam (Icon)

Colliseum (Icon)

Colossus artillery (Icon)

Commercial law (Icon)

Companion cavalry (Icon)

Comparative anatomy (Icon)

Composite archer (Icon)

Computer (Icon)

Copper age (Icon)

Core mining (Icon)

Corsair carrier fighter-bomber (Icon)

Crossbowman (Icon)

Cruiser (Future) (Icon)

Cruiser (Imperial age) (Icon)

Cruiser (WW1) (Icon)

Crusades (Icon)

Culevrin (Icon)

Cyber factory (Icon)

Cyber laboratory (Icon)

Cybernetics (Icon)

Cyborg Molotov (Icon)

Digital age (Icon)

Digital library (Icon)

DNA research (Icon)

Dock (Icon)

Doughboy (Icon)

Douglas MacArthur (Icon)

Dragoon (Icon)

Drydock (Icon)

Earthquake (Icon)

Eiffel tower (Icon)

El Cid (Icon)

Elephant archer (Icon)

Elite guard (Icon)

Elizabeth (Icon)

Enclosure (Icon)

Engineer (Icon)

Environemental laws (Icon)

Excomunication (Icon)

Explosive mining (Icon)

F14 carrier fighter-bomber (Icon)

F15 fighter (Icon)

F80 shooting star (Unused ? Campaign ?) (Icon)

F86 sabre (Unused ? Campaign ?) (Icon)

Falconry (Icon)

Famine (Icon)

Fine edged tools (Icon)

Fire (Icon)

Fishing boat (Bronze age) (Icon)

Fishing boat (Digital) (Icon)

Fishing boat (Imperial) (Icon)

Fishing boat (Stone age) (Icon)

Fishing boat (WW2) (Icon)

Flag (Icon)

Flak halftrack (Icon)

Flamethrower (Icon)

Flies (Icon)

Fokker fighter-bomber (Icon)

Forestry (Icon)

Fortress (Icon)

Frigate (Bronze age) (Icon)

Frigate (Copper age) (Icon)

Frigate (Copper age, alternate) (Icon)

Frigate (Digital age) (Icon)

Frigate (Imperial age) (Icon)

Frigate (Iron/Dark age) (Icon)

Frigate (Medieval) (Icon)

Frigate (Renaissance) (Icon)

Frigate (Renaissance, alternate) (Icon)

Frigate (WW1) (Icon)

Furies (Icon)

Furies II (Icon)

FW190 fighter-bomber (Campaign ?) (Icon)

Galley (Bronze age) (Icon)

Galley (Copper age) (Icon)

Galley (Imperial age) (Icon)

Galley (Industrial age) (Icon)

Galley (Iron/Dark age) (Icon)

Galley (Medieval) (Icon)

Galley (Renaissance) (Icon)

Gas lamp (Icon)

Gate (Icon)

General Patton (Icon)

Genetic engineering (Icon)

German infantry (Icon)

German machinegun (Icon)

Gilgamesh (Icon)

Gladiator tank (Icon)

Golden hind (Icon)

Gotha bomber (Icon)

Granary (Icon)

Grenade launcher (Icon)

Grenadier (Icon)

Grigor (Icon)

Grigor II (Icon)

Guardian (Icon)

Hades (Icon)

Hades II (Icon)

Hafted tools (Icon)

Halberdier (Icon)

Hammer drilling rigs (Icon)

Hand axe (Icon)

Hand cannonier (Icon)

Hannibal (Icon)

Hardened chisel (Icon)

Hauptmann Durer (Icon)

Heavy mortar (Icon)

Hector (Icon)

Heinkel HE111 bomber (Icon)

Helicopter - Anti-tank (Future) (Icon)

Henry V (Icon)

Hercules (Icon)

Hero 1 (Digital age) (Icon)

Hero 1 (Digital age) (Icon)

Hero 2 (Digital age) (Icon)

Hippocratic oath (Icon)

Horseman (Icon)

Hospital (Icon)

House (Icon)

Hovercraft (Icon)

Hovertank (Icon)

Human anatomy (Icon)

Hurricane (Icon)

Hydraulic mining (Icon)

Hydroponics (Icon)

Hyperion (Icon)

Hyperion II (Icon)

Imperial age (Icon)

Imperial cuirassier (Icon)

Imperial cuirassier (Icon)

Incan warrior (Icon)

Indulgences (Icon)

Industrial age (Icon)

Inquisition (Icon)

Iron/Dark age (Icon)

Irrigation (Icon)

Isabela (Icon)

Ishtar gates (Icon)

Jackal fighter (Icon)

Javelin (Icon)

Jester (Icon)

Knight (Icon)

Land conservation (Icon)

Law schools (Icon)

Leopard tank (Icon)

Library of Alexandria (Icon)

Lighthouse of Alexandria (Icon)

Longbow (Icon)

Longswordsman (Icon)

M1 Tank (Icon)

Maceman (Icon)

Machinegun (Icon)

Manfred Von Richtofen (Icon)

Marine (Icon)

Mark V HE tank (Icon)

ME-109 fighter-bomber (Icon)

ME-110 bomber (campaign) (Icon)

ME-262 fighter-bomber (Icon)

Mechanized logging (Icon)

Medic (Digital age) (Icon)

Medic (Imperial age) (Icon)

Medic (WW1) (Icon)

Medicinal herbs (Icon)

Metal casting (Icon)

Middle ages (Icon)

Mig-15 fighter (campaign) (Icon)

Mind control (Icon)

Minotaur (Icon)

Minotaur II (Icon)

Missile base (Modern) (Icon)

Missile base (Nano age) (Icon)

Missile trooper (Unused ?) (Icon)

Missionaries (Icon)

Modern lighthouse (Icon)

Monotheism (Icon)

Moorish cavalry (Icon)

Moorish infantry (Icon)

Moorish infantry (Icon)

Mosque (Icon)

Motorized ambulance (Icon)

MRI upgrade (Icon)

Musketeer (Icon)

Mysticism (Icon)

Mythology (Icon)

Nano age (Icon)

Napoleon (Icon)

Naval yard (Icon)

Nebula fighter (Icon)

Nebula fighter (Icon)

Nuclear submarine (Modern) (Icon)

Nuclear submarine (Nano age) (Icon)

Observation balloon (Industrial) (Icon)

Observation balloon (WW1) (Icon)

Occultism (Icon)

Oil lamp (Icon)

Oil lamp (Icon)

Oliver Cromwell (Icon)

Oracle (Icon)

Orthopedics (Icon)

Otto Von Bismark (Icon)

P-38 fighter-bomber (Unused ?) (Icon)

P-51 fighter (Icon)

Paladin cannon (Icon)

Pandora (Icon)

Pandora II (Icon)

Panzer AP tank (Icon)

Partisan (Icon)

Pasteurization (Icon)

Pericles (Icon)

Pershing (Icon)

Persian cavalry (Icon)

Persian immortal (Icon)

Phalanx (Icon)

Pharmacy (Icon)

Pheonix fighter-bomber (Icon)

Philosophy (Icon)

Pikeman (Icon)

Pillbox (Icon)

Pillum (Icon)

Plague (Icon)

Polytheism (Icon)

Pope (Icon)

Poseidon (Icon)

Poseidon II (Icon)

Priest (Bronze age) (Icon)

Priest (Digital age) (Icon)

Priest (Industrial age) (Icon)

Priest (Prehistoric) (Icon)

Priest (Renaissance) (Icon)

Printing press (Icon)

Prophecy (Icon)

Prophet (Bronze age) (Icon)

Prophet (Prehistoric) (Icon)

Prophet (Renaissance) (Icon)

Prophet (WW1) (Icon)

Pulley (Icon)

Quarantine (Icon)

Radar (campaign ?) (Icon)

Renaissance (Icon)

Sampson (Icon)

Stone Age (Icon)

Titan atomic bomber (Icon)

Transport Helicopter (Future) (Icon)

Transport Helicopter (Modern) (Icon)

Transport ship (Imperial age) (Icon)

Trench mortar (Icon)

Viking (Icon)

William the conqueror (dismounted) (Icon)

57mm anti-tank gun (Icon)

A10 anti-tank plane (Icon)

A7V tank (Icon)

Achilles (Icon)

Agincourt ship (Icon)

Aircraft carrier (future) (Icon)

Aircraft carrier (modern) (Icon)

Airport (Icon)

Albatross plane (Icon)

Alexander the Great (Icon)

Amalgamation (Icon)

Ancestor worship (Icon)

Anesthesia (Icon)

Anti-aging pill (Icon)

Anti-air gun (Icon)

Apache helicopter (Icon)

Apache helicopter (alternate) (Icon)

Apollo (Icon)

Apollo II (Icon)

Archery range (Icon)

Ares (Icon)

Ares II (Icon)

Arquebuser (Icon)

Arquebuser (Japanese) (Icon)

Artifact (Icon)

Artillery (Icon)

Asia pagoda (Icon)

Asian house (Icon)

Astrology (Icon)

Atom manipulation (Icon)

Attack submarine (Future) (Icon)

Attack submarine (WW2 ?) (Icon)

Attack submarine (XXI°) (Icon)

B17 bomber (Icon)

B2 bomber (Icon)

B29 bomber (Icon)

B52 bomber (Icon)

Babylon tower (Icon)

Balista (Icon)

Barbarian (Icon)

Barracks (Icon)

Oxygen furnace (Icon)

Basilisk (Icon)

Battle cry (Icon)

Bresden (campaign hero ?) (Icon)