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Jun 25, 2008
Hey im reasonably new to this site, been using it a long time but only recently got actively involbed :wink:

I'm working on a project called Era of Ninja. It bares similarties to Ninja vs. Samurai, using a 1 hit kill type fighting system. It is currently just over half way to completion.

I would like to request 10 icons for spell menu's. Within the game you can align your hero to up to 2 elements from which you can cast spells, these spell menu's are basically spell books containing the spells for that element.
I need an icon for each; Fire, Water, Air and Earth elements, and would like them to be somewhat similar to Blizzard's Orb of Fire Icon, so basically a pretty swirl of said element. Fire and water are reasonably self explanatory, air i would like to be wind-tornado like with small amount of lightning coming out around the edge, and for earth i would like it to be made of stone.
The other 4 icons i would need are element combinations, Fire+Water, Air+Earth etc. These icons i would like to represent a Yin-yang symbol, half one element and half the other. I would also like to ask that these icons be made in a wc3 fitting style, i don't want them to look out of place with the other wc3 icons after all ^^

Here is an example image of a dual element yin-yang that i found on google!

The yin-yang signs for my map don't necesarily need the small dots, but i will leave that to the icon makers own discretion!

I would be most appreciative if someone could help me with this as i am not very good at doing art on the computer! I will ofc give credits to whoever can help, thanks.

EDIT: Just realised it should be 10 icons not 8, as 4 elements, combinations = 6, not 4... wow i didnt think that through xD sorry
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