[General] Editor is reverting changes in object editor

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Mar 19, 2008
Hello guys,

As stated in the tittle, a wierd issue occured lately in one of maps I'm trying to fix. To be honest, there were many of them, but I managed to fix most of such problems.
This time it's different.

The map I'm fixing has been deprotected and later worked on by few editors - they didn't know that much of obj data (units/abilities) was missing even tho the map was loading just fine. You could play it, no problem.
Later, the map has been treaten with Widgetizer for various reasons - the .slk and .txt files were removed leaving the import manager empty. Obviously, this leaves ton of black squares present when map is opened in editor.

As you can see, the map was pretty much in bad hands and it shouldn't surprice anyone that it's tricky/buggy. However, the current problem amazes me.

I'll give you an example: I'm trying to create custom Locust Swarm ability - ofc I set some fields to custom values like mana cost, ability type etc. Now, whenever I test the map or save it - some fields are immidiately reverted to "melee" values e.g mana cost to 150, ability type to "Hero" etc. Couldn't find any reason of why this is happening - and thats why I'm here.

I'd gratefull to anyone who is willing to help me with this issue.
If you have been dealing with "reverting issue" before or kind of similar problem, please post here your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.
Level 19
Jul 14, 2011
Something similar happens when you cast channel on Illidan evil, although I have a vague memory of something more like your problem in the past, but I dont remember if I could fix it or not. Either way, it didnt have nothing to do with an unprotected map.
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