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[Solved] Editor for ROC only?

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Level 3
May 3, 2011
Hey all,

I don't know if any of you heard of the ROC map "Free gold, free wood, no food"?
Well, I have :p. And I simply adore the map. Mostly me and another friend are playing 2v10 ;D.

Anyway. The only problem with the map, is that once u build a certain amount of units, they start "lagging".
I changed the collision size, and this helped ;P. But this isn't my question, so don't ask me why i brought that up >.>

Actual question:

I'm trying to disable the use of air units. So I disable the builders to built the air unit buildings and disable the air units in the buildings. (ok that sentence sucked, but u know what i mean).

The problem is, everytime I do this, The map changes to tft.
I get the error
"this map now requires the expansion because:
- Expansion-only units are being used"

And I never touched the TFT units on my unit bars.
So my question is, is there any roc only editor? Where all the TFt units are disabled? I still play TFT aswell, but only for RPG's or so. And since it's filled with bots there, there is no way I can try out my map with other people. (only possible on roc)

I'm sorry if my sentences are hard to understand sometimes, tried my best :p.

Thank you all in advance!
Not open for further replies.