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Easy Model + Effect Request

Level 37
Aug 14, 2006

I'm doing a spell, but I need one more effect for it. I think this is quite easy request and I hope you can do it soon as possible. The spell goes like this:

From The Campaign: The Chosen Ones said:
Divine Storm - Fradz spins around and a huge divine storm appear around him dealing damage to all enemies. The amount of damage Fradz deals with Divine Storm transforms to a holy power that heals all nearby friendly totaling X% of the damage caused. The heal effect is greater when there are more enemies damaged. The spell lasts 8 second.

Do you know the spell "Possession" from Banshee? It has a buff effect with path "Abilities\Spells\Undead\Possession\PossessionCaster.mdl". I want you to edit this model to make it like healing + lightning type effect. Make it bigger and a lot more effective(I like effective spells). I will add it as a dummy unit when the spell is running.

Remember to make it to anoher model, so I can still use the basic banshee effect in the campaign.

Rep and credits will be given to the one who can finish this request.