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[Trigger] Doppelwalk Spell

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Yes, Doppelwalk is a typo. Sorry. :xxd:

I'm pretty sure some of you play DotA.
I'm trying to make a Dopplewalk-style spell.

Now, the problem is, when the dummy unit is created, it doesn't cast the illusion spell.
When I made the spell, I thought that there is no possible way to order a dummy to cast the Item Illusion abilty, since there is no command for that. I then tried changing the Order String - Activate and the Order String - Turn on to heal so when I needed to cast the spell, I could just order the cast by the Human Priest - Heal function.
Well, it didn't work. So now I'm wondering how I can do it.

Also, how do I refer to the illusion the Dopplewalk spawns? Using what function call?

Anyway, here's my trigger:
  • Doppelwalk 1
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
    • Conditions
      • ((Ability being cast) Equal to Doppelwalk (1, 1 Position)) or ((Ability being cast) Equal to Doppelwalk (1, 2 Position))
    • Actions
      • Set DoppelwalkCaster = (Casting unit)
      • Set DoppelwalkPoint = (Position of DoppelwalkCaster)
      • Unit - Create 1 Dummy Unit for (Triggering player) at DoppelwalkPoint facing Default building facing degrees
      • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_DoppelwalkPoint)
      • Set DoppelwalkDummy = (Last created unit)
      • Unit - Add Doppelwalk (Dummy) to DoppelwalkDummy
      • Unit - Order DoppelwalkDummy to Human Priest - Heal DoppelwalkCaster
      • Unit - Add a 3.00 second Generic expiration timer to DoppelwalkDummy
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I'm sure this was asked before...

I think its meant to be used with its order ID which is 852274


and I have seen that answer months ago too... though this one is from Nestharus' OrderID thread, which when I used the search button, was just about on the top... I hope that helps... ^_^

though you'll need to use Custom script for that...

Those fields inside the parentheses, what do I change there?
I know you change the integer orderID part into the 852274, but what about those other two?

But if I do that, it will set every illusion that enters the map into a variable.
I'll just add a Boolean to the first trigger, then set it to False in the next. Like:
  • Set DopplewalkIsOn = True
Then at the start of the second trigger, I could do:
  • Dopplewalk 2
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area)
    • Conditions
      • DopplewalkIsOn Equal to True
      • ((Entering unit) is an Illusion) Equal to True
      • Actions
        • Unit - ...
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