Door Barricading/Fortification Mechanics - Help Needed

Level 6
Aug 12, 2007
I'm trying to work out the best way of barricading doors that is simple and intuitive, and simple to set up as triggers and all that.

Basically I want a unit to be able to interact with the door and board it up. I thought of a few ways you could do this, and I'll highlight each and their problems. Right now the biggest problem most of them share is getting the structure built.

Hammer item? - An item that has channel, when you click it and then click a door it checks your inventory for boards and nails, and if they exist it removes the old door and places a boarded door on top of the old one.
Problems: You can't use the hammer item to remove the boards as it can only have one function. Possibly if the hammer was a spell book that contained 'Board Door' and 'Remove Fortifications' as two spells. The issue of building the door still remains as I can't figure out how to place a buildable door that you have to construct the way a human peasant does. I also don't want other units who don't have a hammer to be able to help in building this structure.

The boards? - Should the boards be a physical item you have to carry around or use the wood resource? The up/downs of each are item wood needs to be brought around to other players while resource wood can be traded through the menu. With item wood you can't repair the construction, while resource wood you can but it depletes your wood resources.

Nails? - Should nails even come into play? Can it just be assumed that nails are so abundant that you have some on you and this is a non-issue? There is another form of barricading that is just stacking up piles of chairs and stuff which does not need nails but is not as strong as boarded doors and windows.

I'm probably forgetting a ton of details, but this is a jist of it. If anyone has any thoughts/ideas on how this could work it would be great.

I considered using a dummy to order the new structure to be built, but I am finding it too unreliable in where he places the building then I would like.
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