Doomguard to Doom Lord

I'm trying to make a Doomguard hero called a Doom Lord. I have used the original Doomguard and gave him new shoulders, a chest peice, and a larger wing span to some what resemble Doom Lord Kazzak from World Of Warcraft. Now I don't have a clue how to add in Team Colour or Animations so this is my request.
Could someone edit my Doom Lord model by giving it Team Colour somewhere besides his shoulders, a team colour glow, and giving him a Dissipate animation?
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If this is a request, why didn't you put it in the request section?

This is in Requests. And I do not have 3Ds Max meaning i cannot use this.

Edit: I meant to ask about how to do this and not put in the request but I accidently did. Later when Chriz changed which Forum this was in I looked and it was in requests so thats where I thought it was the entire time.

Keep in mind I was new to this sight at that point.
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