Dismounted Night Elf Huntress

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
I'm back for a tad bit to drop this texture here before I crawl back into my college cave

The skin is meant for the watcher creep via: Units\Creeps\Watcher\Watcher.blp

This skin may also be written to the Night elf runner (and subsequently the spirit of vengeance) via:

note: I do not have access to the game anymore, nor I plan to get my hands on the game again, so I won't be able to provide in-game screenshots personally, although if someone tests my skins and sends sc of it in-game, the I would gladly post it, with consent of course.

Dismounted Night Elf Huntress


Dismounted Night Elf Huntress (Texture)