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Devil may cry map

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Level 1
Dec 23, 2004
I'm making a devil may cry map i'm hoping it will take at least a day to complete with all the puzzles i'm putting in it and i need models for it so if n e one wants to help by makeing models these are the ones i need:
dmc 1 spider
Virgil (dmc 1 version no helmet)
Dante (dmc 2 version)holding his sword
thats about it so if n e model makers want to help me put them on this site.
I'll put ya names in the credits at the end.
this map will take at least two months to finish.
Level 8
Jul 16, 2004
mmm sound interesting though you cant recapture it in war3 I MEAN YOU CANT PULL OF THE COOL MOVES!!! anyways i have pleanty of sounds from devil may cry on my comp that may help you just give me your e-mail and ill send em over :D
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