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[Trigger] Destructible is Alive

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Hi all.

Having trouble with this and idk why.

I have this trigger:

  • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
    • If - Conditions
      • (Player1_UnitsTarget[(Custom value of (Triggering unit))] is dead) Not equal to True
      • (Player1_UnitsTarget[(Custom value of (Triggering unit))] is alive) Equal to True
    • Then - Actions
      • Unit - Order (Picked unit) to Harvest Player1_UnitsTarget[(Custom value of (Picked unit))]
    • Else - Actions
      • Trigger - Run FindSimilarResource <gen> (ignoring conditions)
It doesn't work. The units that attack the destructible simply stop aka the FindSimilarResource trigger fires. Idk why. The destructible is clearly alive and I even checked via test triggers.

(Player1_UnitsTarget[(Custom value of (Triggering unit))] is an array where I store destructibles once a unit casts a harvest spell on it.

P.S -- If I remove the condition, the trigger works but even after the destructible dies, units keep coming back to its location and still attack it...


I solved it, but by checking if destructible is alive when spell is cast, not in the loop. I still don't get it why the loop doesn't work.
Level 12
Feb 22, 2010
Need to see whole trigger, who is triggering unit and who is picked unit.
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